May 30 2007 - More suits settled in plane crash case

The estates of two more wrongful death victims of a recent aviation crash have settled their cases with the airline. These wrongful death claims involved the plane crash of a Comair Jet carrying 50 people, as it attempted to take off from an airport in Lexington, Kentucky.

The pilots flying the airliner in Kentucky (KY) chose the wrong runway to use when attempting to take off. Because of this aviation mistake, the runway was not long enough for the plane to reach a speed necessary to fly. When the plane ran out of runway, it crashed, immediately killing 49 of the 50 passengers.

39 wrongful death lawsuits have been filed involving this horrible plane crash. As is usual in the case of any aviation accident, the injuries to the accident victims in this case were virtually all fatal. Because of the nature of the aviation industry, most planed crashes result in severe or fatal injuries, resulting in many personal injury lawsuits and wrongful death claims being filed.

Over 20 of the wrongful death claims arising out of this aviation accident are still pending in the Federal Court and await future resolution.

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