October 29, 2001 - Passengers Start Deep Vein Thrombosis Civil Suit in British Courts

London (dpa) - Passengers began litigation in Britain on Monday against major airlines British Airways and Virgin Atlantic over alleged cases of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), thought to be related to long periods in an aircraft.

Other carriers could also face litigation in possible group cases involving 200 passengers, which could result in claims as high as 15 million dollars.

"We hope that the aviation industry will now answer the many questions our clients have asked," Gerda Goldinger, a spokeswoman for Hertfordshire-based solicitors Collins, said.

Known variously as economy class syndrome and jet-leg, DVT is believed to affect passengers who are forced to sit in cramped conditions for long hours without exercise.

Scientific opinion is divided over whether there is a link between flying and developing clots.

Carriers are accused of failing to warn travellers about the dangers of the condition, which can be fatal.

In Australia, 2,700 passengers are reported to be seeking damages from airlines after suffering blood clots.

BA declined to comment as it had not received all the documentation.

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